Our Concepts

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With a view to making your dreams in real estate a reality, we go extra mile to create an enabling investing environment for both corporate and individual investors. We educate and trained realtors of all categories in making an inform decision, helping them fulfill their goals and actualising their dreams.

Our team makes your “dream A reality”.

                                                                                                    The Crucial Realtors
We provide real estate advisory and services for corporate or individual investors and real Estate Companies. We also function in the strategic planning, training, and scouting for genuine land for corporate, individual and real estate companies.-   TOBA PETERS, MD/CEO

Our core values which represents by the acronyms (SEEDS)

We understand that satisfied customers will always come back and refer us to other prospects, hence our watch word …committed to you. We are committed to giving only the best and nothing less.

The clients’ needs are paramount to us, hence going extra mile to giving excellence and satisfactory services and advise as the case may be. We are committed to our clients and their best interests come first.

We understand the joy derive from acquiring a piece of land either for investment or home ownership, we create enabling environment for making home ownership a reality for all by selling PEACE OF MIND. We also help real estate consultants acquire needed skills in solving their prospects difficult decisions through our impactful Realtors Academy.

We are readily available to give you the desirable as far as real estate is concerned. We are creative, we keep improving on our products and services, we get involved until you are satisfied.

We show our clients lots of investment opportunities and encourage them to develop interest and become more active in investing in real estate.

To show prospects how their dreams of home ownership, investing in real estate can become a reality. Giving our clients the confidence needed to profitably build and finance their best places to live.

To be the most trusted and respected Real Estate Company, Realtors and consultants.

To help clients make informed real estate investment decisions.